The Woodburn School District’s Budget Committee approved the financial plan for the 2019-2020 school year. The School Board will vote to adopt the recommended budget at its June 18 meeting. The budget defines operations for the school district, including student programs and services, staff and facilities maintenance.

“The Woodburn School District operates under a balanced budget and has passed all its independent audits,” said Superintendent Chuck Ransom. “We conduct a transparent and open budget process that has strong citizen participation through our Budget Committee and the Woodburn School Board. We are grateful for their service.”

The process for developing the budget is comprehensive. The Superintendent collaborates with staff and proposes spending measures to the Budget Committee. The Budget Committee reviews these recommendations and provides input for consideration by the Woodburn School Board. The School Board then has until June 30 of a calendar year to adopt the budget for the following school year.

Members of the Budget Committee are community volunteers that participate in several meetings working over the budget proposal. Their goal is to come to a consensus on what is the best interest for students and staff.

Highlights from the 2019-2020 budget include:

  • Full funding for Measure 98, the High School Success Act. This revenue will allow the Woodburn School District to finance construction and programs for a regional Career and Technical Education facility for students.
  • Additional staff to provide more support for students in and out of the classroom and further personalize instruction. This includes the school district’s special education program.
  • Enhanced funding for dropout prevention, college-level educational opportunities and 8thgrade transition to help students prepare for graduation.
  • Continuing investment in maintaining facilities and support positions to ensure things run efficiently outside the classroom.
  • Classified and licensed staff receive bargained step increases and a cost of living adjustment to keep up with inflation.

The Woodburn School District also will continue to maintain a healthy ending fund balance to meet its future financial obligations if funding from the state or federal government should change. Committed funds maintain continuity of programs and services, which contributes to the academic success of students and retaining staff who are central to the work done by the school district.

Questions about the budget can be directed to Superintendent Chuck Ransom at (503) 981-2727 or