Lincoln Elementary Assistant Principal considered medicine as a career path

The new assistant principal at Lincoln Elementary, Maricruz Acuña, originally wanted to be a doctor but like for so many educators, being a teacher was her calling.

As she explored a career in the medical field, she was assigned to teach a nutrition class to a group of third and fourth grade students. It was the assignment that changed her study path and as she found that working in the classroom was her passion.

“That is when something just clicked,” she said. “I guess you could say [education] chose me because I realized how much fun it was and it was just so positive. I absolutely loved it, so I completely changed gears and pursued a career in education. I don’t take it back. I love it!”

Acuña has been an educator for 10 years and most recently served as a behavior specialist and instructional mentor for the Salem-Keizer School district. Originally from Hillsboro, she also spent some time as a History teacher for the Lamar Consolidated School District in Houston, Texas. And while she has mostly worked with the lower and middle grades she has taught at almost every grade level, she said.

One of Acuña’s biggest passions is for kids to grow up bicultural and bilingual and is therefore very happy to be a part of the Woodburn School District.

“I have been curious about Woodburn for a long time because I’ve heard [about their dual-language instruction program],” said Acuña. “I have not seen any other district be as passionate [about dual-language] as Woodburn so I’m excited to be here and look forward to seeing what Lincoln Elementary has to offer and what the Woodburn Community is like.”