Woodburn School District re-dedicated the Dale Yuranek Field and the Pat Cary Track and Field facility during this year’s homecoming halftime celebration, Friday, October 4, 2019. Below you can read the announcer’s re-dedication script. 

Football Field and Track Re-dedication

Woodburn School District is honored tonight to have the opportunity to celebrate and re-dedicate our new football field and track and field facility.

Dale Yuranek Football Field:

Dale Yuranek field was named after the ultimate Bulldog, Coach Dale Yuranek. Coach Yuranek served Woodburn School District for over 30 years as a social studies teacher, athletic director as well as football, baseball and basketball coach. He was named athletic director of the year in 1982, as well as regional athletic director of the year in 1983 and 1993. Coach Yuranek was instrumental in organizing the Woodburn Bulldog Foundation, which is still supporting student athletes today. Coach Yuranek was also involved in the development of the first student work program, which gave students opportunities to connect with the community outside the classroom.

Woodburn School District is very proud to be able to share in this re­dedication of the Woodburn Football field tonight! Coach Yuranek was loved by everyone in the Woodburn community and his legacy is still alive and strong today. People that know Coach Yuranek can still hear his motivational speeches from the past.

We would like to thank the entire Yuranek family for joining us tonight in this re-dedication and celebration of Coach Yuranek. Woodburn School District will always be thankful for the many things Coach Yuranek did for our school, athletic programs and community.

Late Dale Yuranek’s family members gathered during WHS Homecoming game halftime for the re-dedication of the Dale Yuranek Field, Friday, October 4, 2019.

Pat Cary is joined by family members during the re-dedication of the Pat Cary Track and Field during WHS Homecoming game halftime, Friday, October 4, 2019.

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Football Field and Track Re-dedication

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Pat Cary Track and Field

The Pat Cary Track and Field is named after Coach Cary who joins us tonight, along with many of his family members. For over 40 years, Coach Cary continues to be involved in Woodburn track, you can find him announcing and helping with our district track events, along with his wife Susan who is usually running the long jump pits. Coach Cary spent his career teaching Biology, where he was best remembered for taking his students to the beach, which many still remember the activities from those lessons today.

Coach Cary has been an ambassador for the sport of track in the state of Oregon as he has spent time traveling with his athletes to China, which truly gave them a lifelong experience. His passion for track and field continues to shine through as he continues to be an active spectator each year when the state finals is happening down at Hayward Field.

Coach Cary is a mentor, which can be seen very clearly in the fact that his former athletes are the ones who have come back to coach and lead Woodburn Track. This desire to give back, reflects the positive experience that student-athletes have had in the Woodburn Track program for many decades. Woodburn School District is very lucky to have had a family of Track advocates leading our program and our district is so thankful for everything the Cary family has given.

Woodburn School District would like to once again thank the Yuraneck and Cary families for everything they have done to support the Woodburn School District and we hope the new facilities will continue to reflect a high level of pride in our community.