Claudia Kis is a new Associate Principal at Heritage Elementary but she is not new to the Woodburn School District (WSD) or Heritage Elementary. 

Originally from Argentina and with more than 30 years of experience in education, Kis has served the last 16 years of her career at WSD.  

She was originally hired as a third grade teacher at Heritage Elementary and later became a new-teacher mentor for the WSD Mentoring Program. She held this position for nine years and considered staying in this position until retirement but later decided to extend her career into administration. 

“I thought I was going to retire as a mentor but at one point I felt I wanted to do more for teachers and students,” said Kis. “That is why I decided to become an administrator and felt honored to have had the opportunity to be an assistant principal at Washington Elementary for the last two years.”

Kis then replaced Greg Baisch who recently retired as principal at Heritage. Kis said that although she will miss Washington Elementary,  she is excited to return to the school where she started when she first came to the district.

“I’m happy to be back; it feels like I’m back home,” she said about returning to Heritage Elementary. “This is an amazing school and I want parents to know we are here for their kids. We are a team and we are committed to help our students succeed.”